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Basically, the Mini Expression Pedal Double consists of two expression buttons in a single enclosure, allowing you to control two effects with an expression input without wasting much space on the pedalboard.

The perfect position on the pedalboard is in the lower right corner - both buttons can be easily reached there and can be adjusted easily because of offset position.
The sockets are mounted in such a way that they can accommodate large angled plugs.

The extra-large knobs (44mm diameter) can also be operated with your foot. Either you stroke along the side or - especially for fine adjustments - you put your foot (gently) on the knob and move it by turning your foot.

Compatibility Guarantee:
I guarantee that this pedal is compatible with any effects pedal with an expression input - any effect pedal that does not use a proprietary standard.
For Line 6 and Eventide set the internal mini switch to "TS" and use a mono cable, for all other effect devices set the internal mini switch to "TRS" and use a stereo cable (the expression pedal ships with both switches set to "TRS").

If, contrary to expectations, the Mini Expression Pedal Double is not compatible with your effect pedal, I will of course take it back and reimburse you for the shipping costs, so you will not incur any costs.

The following is a list of non-compliant effects devices, which I would extend if the case arises:

Not compatible with the following effect devices:
- All effects from Stone Deaf FX
- Source Audio Soundblox

The dimensions of the pedal (including sockets, incl. knob) are 112 x 65 x 54 mm (LxWxH).

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