Dual Lock, 50 cm

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This tape is crazy strong!

Originally it comes from the automotive industry, where it?s used to mount headliner and other panels.
Unlike Velcro, it does not have loops and hooks, but little mushroom heads (so there are not two different sides, just a band that meshes with itself).
The connection is incredibly stable and can be released up to 1000 times. The adhesive on the back is acrylate-based and suitable for both low and high energy surfaces.
You get the best adhesive power if you heat the tape a bit with a hair dryer before mounting it and let it rest for 24 hours after installation (you can mount your pedals, but it is best not to move them to new places yet).

The height is less than 2 mm.

The price is for 50 cm (this is enough for 5 smaller pedals). The width is 1 inch (about 2.5 cm).

Once you've tried Dual Lock, you'll never want to switch back to Velcro!
The only downside is the slightly higher price (which is not that relevant because of the lower demand).

Contents: 50,00 cm