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The TapTap! is a very high-quality tap-tempo switch, which is available in versions for most effect pedals.

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- 5cm x 5cm x 3cm highest quality aluminum die cast enclosure (dimensions without socket & switch), matte black powder coated and almost indestructible
- Highest quality soft touch switch (without clicking sound) with pleasant pressure resistance (perfect for a tap-tempo button)

Available in two versions:

1. Standard:
This version has a "Normally Open" switch and works with all effect pedals with an tap tempo input that I've heard of - except Boss and Roland effects.
For example, this version can also be used as a bank manager for "The GigRig G2".
On delivery, it switches tip to sleeve, the TapTap! can then be used with a regular mono patch cable.
Some effect devices require a different configuration, this is adjustable via the mini switches inside - for all other configurations except tip to sleeve a stereo (TRS) cable is required (by the effect device manufacturer).
Some configuration examples:
TC Flashback 2: Ring to sleeve (the Flashback 2 must be configured in the editor to use an external tap-tempo button)
Strymon: Tip to ring

2. Normally Closed: This is expected by all Boss and Roland effects devices. You only need a normal mono cable, there are no configuration options inside in this version, because there is no application for it.

If you are unsure which version you need, read your pedals manual or send me a message.

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