TapTap! Quadruple (Meris Preset Switch, Red Panda Remote 4)

Item number: TTQuad

Quadruple Footswitch, compatible with Meris or Red Panda effect pedals.

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Bottom plate

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  • Dimensions (without sockets and switches): 112 x 60 x 31 mm
  • High quality "Soft-Touch"-Switches, not the cheapest but the best I found after comparing switches for years
  • Easy to reach switches
  • To be connected to a compatible effects pedal via a TRS cable (stereo patch cable)

New and improved: With mini switches inside the enclosure you can set whether the circuit is that of the Meris Preset Switch or that of the Red Panda Remote 4 - the TapTap! Quadruple is therefore compatible with Meris and Red Panda effect pedals!

Functions of the switches: (without guarantee, see operating instructions for the Meris or Red Panda effect pedal)


  • Same functionality as the Meris Preset Switch
  • Easily save and access up to 4 presets on each Meris pedal
  • Two output sockets to connect to Meris pedals at the same time to load for example preset 1 on both at the same time

Red Panda

  • Compatible with Tensor (firmware 1.1 or newer) and Particle V2 and Context V2
  • 4 Different function modes (4 Preset / Remote + 2 Preset / Looper / Toggle)

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