True Bypass Looper

Universal True Bypass Effect Loopers in different sizes.

True Bypass Loopers are used to bypass (temporarly) not used pedals and prevent tone sucking and other signal depreciation.
All Looperwerk-loopers have many more usecases, for example you could use them to switch between two guitars.

The following applies to all Looperwerk-loopers:

  • The looper works without a power supply, this is only needed for the LED (standard Boss-style 9V power supply, minus pole inside).
  • Not used outputs (send- and return-jacks) are automatically muted. This is important if you use the looper to switch between two amps, it prevents noise from the not used amp.
  • A manual with a detailed description and many usecases is included.
  • The looper doesn't use transistors etc., it is completely passive, this means absolutely now loss of signal or tone sucking when you include the looper in your setup.
  • There is a very high impedance resistor built to the output-jack, this prevents popping noises while switching.

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