True Bypass Looper

Universal True Bypass Effect Loopers in different sizes.

A True Bypass Looper puts one or more effect pedals into a signal loop that can be completely removed from the signal path with a mechanical true bypass switch - as if the signal loop were not there at all.

On the one hand, this prevents signal degradation due to poorly designed bypass circuits (especially with vintage effect pedals), but it also allows several effect pedals to be switched into the signal path at once.

The following applies to all Looperwerk loopers:

  • There are no active components in the signal path
  • Other applications are possible (e.g. as an A/B switch)
  • Passive operation without a power supply is possible, it is only needed for the status LED
  • Non-active outputs are muted

PS: The term "looper" has a double meaning in the world of guitar effects. There are also loopers that record an audio signal and play it back repeatedly - in contrast to true bypass loopers that loop signal chains into the signal path.

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