A patchbox puts all the connections of your pedalboard in one place and reduces the cabling effort to a minimum when connecting your pedalboard to your amp. In addition, it protects the jack sockets of your expensive effect pedals (and has higher quality sockets installed than most effect pedals on the market)!

There are three things that you should pay attention to when buying a patchbox:

  • The channels have to be isolated from each other, otherwise there is almost inevitably a ground loop that can often be very audible.
  • The enclosure should be grounded to prevent electrical radiation.
  • High quality sockets should be used to allow many mating cycles.

Of course, all these points are met by every Looperwerk patchbox!

Only isolated Neutrik jack sockets are used, which, due to their special construction, put less strain on the jack plugs and are made for thousands of mating cycles (in the single-channel patch box the sockets are from Lumberg).

The nuts used on the sockets basically can not accidentally come loose - in contrast to the often used metal nuts, which come into contact with the jack plug in each mating cycle and thereby might become loose over time.

Almost all patchboxes are available in both mono and stereo versions. The stereo version can also be used without disadvantages with mono plugs and thus is the more universal variant - although most patch boxes in mono have one stereo channel, so they should be sufficient for most applications.


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