Patchbays (Add-Ons)

Various patchbays to attach to your pedalboard.

Most of the patchbays are compatible with various pedalboards by Pedaltrain, some are also compatible with pedalboards by other manufacturers (or a pedalboard that you built yourself).

To check if a patchbay is compatible with your pedalboard, print this template, cut out the patchbay you are interested in and check if it fits on your pedalboard.

D-Standard openings:

D-Standard feedthroughs can be installed here. Due to the special shape of the openings, feedthroughs can also be mounted from the back - then they are much less bulky, which is practical if you transport your pedalboard in a tailor-made case.

Below is an overview of available D-Standard feedthroughs:

Jack socket: Looperwerk Neutrik locking jack socket module
MIDI: Looperwerk MIDI Feedthrough
XLR male: Neutrik NA3MDF
XLR female: Neutrik NA3FDM
RJ45: Neutrik NE8FDX-P6
USB: Neutrik NAUSB-W or Neutrik NAUSB3

Unused openings can be closed with the cover available here.

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