Various expression pedals to control compatible effect pedals.

Many effect pedals have an expression input, which unfortunately often remains unused, since expression pedals are usually very large and bulky.
Looperwerk offers various mini expression pedals for every application, which open up new musical paths and take up very little space on the pedalboard.

Guaranteed compatibility:

All Looperwerk expression pedals are compatible with any effect pedal with an expression input - except those listed at the end of this paragraph. You need a stereo cable (TRS) to connect the expression pedal to the effect pedal - except for effect pedals from Line 6 and Eventide, here a mono cable (TS) is sufficient and a switch inside the expression pedal has to be flipped.

If, contrary to expectations, an expression pedal is not compatible with an effect pedal, I will take it back without any complications.

Not compatible with the following effect pedals:

  • The GigRig G3 & G3 Atom (some expression pedals can be modified to fit without extra charge)
  • All the effect pedals from Stone Deaf FX
  • Source Audio Soundblox

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