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The Volume Switch allows you to lower the volume of the guitar or bass to a value set by the knob - without loss of height.

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With the volume switch, the volume of the guitar or bass can be lowered to a value set by the rotary knob at the touch of a button. For example, the Volume Switch allows you to get a cleaner sound from an overdriven pre-amp of a tube amp (it basically allows you to add another channel to your amp).
Also great if you use two guitars with different output levels and don't want to change all your settings when you change guitars.

The volume switch has a special circuit that prevents that your sound gets dull and makes the sound clear (without losing treble) even at low volumes.
Only top-quality components such as Mallory 150M capacitors, non-magnetic Vishay-Dale CMF-55 resistors, and 24mm alpha potentiometers as used in audiophile hi-fi tube amplifiers were used in this circuit.

The volume switch feels most comfortable as the first pedal after the guitar, but it can also be used in a different position in front of the amp.

Last but not least, the Volume Switch can also be used as a mute switch.

It works completely passive and of course has a True-Bypass circuit. The 9V power supply is needed only for the function of the LED, the pedal can also be operated without power. The jack sockets are insulated sockets from Neutrik!
You have the choice between black, transparent and old-white chickenhead buttons.

Case dimensions (without sockets and knob): 111 x 60 x 31 mm

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