Volume Switch Mini

Item number: VS-Mini

The Volume Switch Mini allows you to lower the volume of the guitar or bass to a value set by the knob - without loss of height.

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The Volume Switch Mini is technically identical to the larger Volume Switch except for the following features:
- it has one input jack (not two) and therefore can not be used as an A/B-switch
- you can set (internally) whether the LED is lit in the activated or in the deactivated state. The LED is not bicoloured and the brightness can not be adjusted

Otherwise it has the same circuit the same "full size" components are used.

The Volume Switch Mini allows you to lower the volume of the guitar or bass to a value set by the knob.
For example, the Volume Switch allows you to get a cleaner sound from an overdriven pre-amp of a tube amp (it basically allows you to add another channel to your amp).

The volume switch has a special circuit that prevents treble loss and keeps the signal clear even at low volumes.

The strength of this so-called "Treble Bleeds" can be adjusted via the mini potentiometer. The circuit has been designed to be tonal neutral to my ears with the mini potentiometer at 12 o'clock - but our ears and amps are all slightly different, so if needed, more or less treble can be easily adjusted.

The Volume Switch feels most comfortable as the first pedal after the guitar, but it can also be used at a different place in front of the amp - or in the effects loop of the amplifier to obtain the same degree of distortion at a lower volume.
Last but not least, the volume switch can also be used as a mute switch (with the knob turned to zero).

It works completely passive and of course has a True-Bypass circuit. The 9V power supply is needed only for the function of the LED, the pedal can also be operated without power.

Enclosure dimensions (without sockets and knob): 93 x 39 x 31 mm