Many modulation effect pedals, delays, tremolos etc. have a tap tampo input which can be used to set the tempo.

The TapTap! Dual Jacks allows you to set the tempo of two pedals at the same time so they are synchronized.
Attention: Both outputs are "normal open" - a different configuration is possible without extra charge, just write me.

Thr TapTap! Double is the perfect pedal to simplify using your BOSS RC Loop Station. A must have for every BOSS RC Loop Station.

Frequently asked questions:

Do the TapTap!-pedals work with every delay pedal?
For the TapTap! pedal to work with your effect pedal, your effect pedal has to have a tap tempo input - not all delays have such a imput.

What's the difference between "normal open" and "normal close"?
A momentary footswitch is either normally (not pressed) open or normally closed.
Some pedals except normal open footswitches, some except normal close footswitches.
If you are unsure which version you need, read your effect pedals manual or ask me!

Which cable do I need for my TapTap!-Pedal?
Except for the TapTap! Double all TapTap!-pedals use a regular mono cable. The TapTap! Double uses a stereo cable.

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