In this category you will find a compatible footswitch for every device, that allows to connect external momentary footswitches (if you can't find a footswitch for your device, send me a message and I will help you)!

There are TapTap! footswitches that can be used as external tap tempo switches, 2-button footswitches for your Line 6 HX Stomp, 3-button footswitches for your Strymon Timeline, 4-button footswitches for your Meris pedals and much more.

They all use highest quality soft-click-footswitches - I've been comparing different soft-click footswitches for years and these are simply the best!

The TapTap! Strip allows you to get all your footswitches in one compact strip, for example a 3-button footswitch for your BigSky, a 4-button footswitch for your Polymoon and a channel select (latching) footswitch for your amp.

Which cable do I need for my TapTap!-Pedal?
Except for the TapTap! Single all TapTap!-pedals require a TRS-(stereo)-cable. The TapTap! Single requieres a regular TS patch cable.

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