TapTap! Dual Jacks

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The TapTap! Dual Jacks allows you to control the tap tempo of two pedals with a single footswitch.

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The TapTap! Dual Jacks allows you to control the tempo of two (or three) pedals with a single footswitch. Both outputs are separated by diodes.

This is a fantastic way to synchronize the tempo of a delay and a tremolo, for example.

- 9cm x 4cm x 3cm aluminum die cast housing (without sockets & switch), matte black and almost indestructible powder coated
- Highest quality soft touch switch (without clicking sound) with pleasant pressure resistance (perfect for a tap-tempo button)
- High quality sockets from Lumberg that holds the cable firmly

Available in two versions:
1. The Normally Open version works with most pedals with Tap Tempo input (JHS, Eventide, Source Audio, EHX, and more).
2. The Normally Closed version works with Boss (and Roland) pedals - D-5, DD-7, DD-20, RC-2 and more.

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