Patchbox Quartet, 4 channels, sockets on the sides, SMART

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Compact patchbox with 4 channels, all sockets on the sides, mono or stereo versions. SMART.

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Mono or stereo channels
Bottom plate

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B-STOCK: Due to a manufacturing defect, one of the 4 mounting holes for the base plate was closed, so the base plate could only be attached with three screws (if installed on the pedalboard, you can not see that of course).

The Patchbox Quartet has four channels. It is used by most users to connect guitar, amp and the effects loop of the amp (send and return) to the pedalboard.
But it can also be used otherwise, all four channels can be used as you want to - you also don't have to use all channels, and can, for example, use only 2 or 3 channels.

An exemplary list of setup options, also for stereo setups (wet/wet or wet/dry) can be found here (PDF file).

The red channel of the Patchbox is always stereo (also in the mono version of the patchbox), the others are mono.
If desired, you can also get all channels in stereo - stereo channels can be used mono without any disadvantages, so that's the more universal version.

The red socket mutes that channel if no plug is connected to it, so I recommend using it as the guitar input - if no guitar is connected to the pedalboard, the pedalboard is muted.

The patchbox is completely passive, a power supply is not required.

Enclosure dimensions (without sockets): 112 x 60 x 31 mm
Distance between the sockets: 20 mm

The "Prepared for Pedaltrain" bottom plate comes with screws and a drill bit to fit into the rear slot of Novo and Classic Series Pedaltrain pedalboards (the rear slot must be at least 31 mm high, which is not the case with other older Pedaltrains).

SMART functionality:

Important: If you don't need this, do not let it confuse you - the patchbox works as any other regular patchbox, this is just a bonus feature!

The two white channels have a special feature:
If there is no plug in both white sockets (and only then) the two channels connect to each other - this allows you (if you're using your amp's effects loop) to connect your amp to the pedalboard with either one or three cables, and still use all your effects on the pedalboard - your delays and reverbs (and others) will be either in the amp's effects loop or directly in front of the amp. Super handy if you play amps with and without effects loops - you can use all your effect pedals with both amps without having to change anything on your pedalboard!
In addition, you can use the white sockets to insert (for example) a volume pedal which is placed next to the pedal board into the signal path. Then, if the volume pedal is not connected you can continue to use your pedalboard as normal, because the white sockets connect to each others and the signal chain is not interrupted.

3 cable method:
Some effect pedals are in the amp's effects loop

1 cable method:
All effect pedals are in front of the amp.