Normally Open (Standard) Mini Standard

Item number: TT2-NO-Mini-Standard

2-button footswitch, compatible with a large range of stomp boxes, effects units and MIDI controllers that support external foot switches.

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Enclosure size
Bottom plate

33,90 €

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  • High quality "Soft-Touch"-Switches, not the cheapest but the best I found after comparing switches for years
  • To be connected to a compatible effects pedal via a TRS cable (stereo patch cable)
  • Available in two enclosure sizes and two versions

Special function:
TapTap! Double has two output sockets:

Enclosure sizes:

Dimensions "Mini" enclosure (without sockets and switches): 90 x 38 x 30 mm
Dimensions "Medium" enclosure (without sockets and switches): 112 x 60 x 31 mm

The smaller enclosure size is perfect if you want to mount the TapTap! Double on your pedalboard and save some space. The bigger enclosure size is great if you want to use the TapTap! Double on the floor or you like bigger distances between switches on your pedalboard.

Available in two versions:

1. Normally Open

The standard version, compatible with lots of effect pedals - basically all effect pedals (and other devices) that allow to connect a momentary 2-button footswitch (except devices by Boss and Roland), for example Line 6, Pigtronix, Kemper and many more.
The buttons also have the same functionality as the outer two buttons of the TapTap!-Triple, the left button switches (momentary) to ring, the right one to tip.

2. Normally Closed

Compatible with all products by Boss that allow to connect a 2-button footswitch (a lot of pedals by Boss allow that!).
Compared to the original 2-button footswitch the TapTap! Double is not only smaller and more affordable, but also does not need batteries or a power supply.
The distance between the buttons is very similar.


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