Mini Expression Preset Switch

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Category: Mini Expression Pedals

Latching or momentary switch?
Bottom plate

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You can switch between two expression settings with the Expression Preset Switch.

Available in two versions:

1. Latching Switch
The switch changes the expression value between the value you set with the red knob and the one you set with the blue knob.
The LED shines red or blue, depending on which knob is active.

2. Momentary Switch
The blue knob is active while the switch is pressed, while it is not pressed, the red knob is active.

Guaranteed compatibility:

I guarantee that this switch is compatible with every effects pedal with an expression input.
For Line 6 and Eventide set the internal miniswitch to TS and use a TS (mono) cable, for all other effect pedals, set the internal miniswitch to TRS and use a TRS (stereo) cable.

Should the Mini Expression Preset Switch not be compatible with your effect pedal I take it back and refund it including all the shipping costs!

Not compatible with the following effect pedals:
- All effect pedals by Stone Deaf FX
- Source Audio Soundblox