Insert Box (Guest Loop)

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The Insert Box allows you to place an access point somewhere in the middle of the pedalboard, where you can easily add effect pedals without having to pull plugs on your pedalboard.

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The Insert Box allows you to add new effect units in the middle of the signal path on your pedalboard without having to pull plugs on the pedalboard - either for test purposes or because you use some pedals only temporarily.
Many users also use the Insert Box in the studio to quickly try out different effect pedals.

I recommended to place it between your distortion and modulation effects, so that if you connect a modulation effect to the Insert Box, it is placed after the distortion effects in your signal chain, if you connect a distortion effect, it is placed before the modulation effects.

The black sockets connect to the effects on the pedalboard. If the white sockets are not used, the Insert Box routes the signal from its input to its output. While the white sockets are used, the signal flows from the input of the Insert Box to the white send socket, then into the additional effects pedal, then from the white return socket to the output of the Insert Box.

With the two additional power sockets (standard size, 5.5 x 2.1 mm) you can also pass power (center negative, as it is required by 99% of the effect pedals) through the Insert Box and you don't have to worry about a power supply when you insert new effect pedals in your signal path.
Due to the very compact dimensions (enclosure size W x H x D: 92 x 38 x 30 mm) it fits on almost every pedalboard.

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